Give Your Career a Solid Foundation

Career Discovery

What if you could find your dream job?

A job offering better benefits, greater advancement, and more money. A job you will love

You are not limited by your current career choice
You spend the better part of your life working. Enjoying what you do enriches both your working and family life. Assessing your career and job opportunities periodically throughout your career can lead to acquiring new skills, provide a change in pace, fulfilling a long held ambition  or discover  new talent or career. The Career Discovery program can help you achieve your  career goals and discover new ones.

Why are you in a job that limits your potential?

You have many other career and job options and the best part is that you probably already have the skills and experience needed. Why stay with a job or career that you don’t enjoy, has limited upward mobility and pays less than you are worth?

You already have the skills you need to start on a new career path.

You have a 10X better chance of being noticed when you can demonstrate that you have the skills needed for the job. Employers look through dozens, even hundreds of resumes for job openings. If you do not stand out, you are quickly passed over. Don’t let someone else get the job and career you want. Let employers know you have the skills they are seeking.

Increase your job opportunities and income

It’s a fact that all things being equal if you can demonstrate superior skills, you will have better job opportunities and greater career advancement. In order to achieve this, you need to know what skills and experience employers are looking for and add or update what is missing. With Career Match, you will know what skills, experience, and abilities employers are looking for when applying for a job giving you a huge advantage over other people seeking the same job.

Get expert advice and counseling

Our Expert Career programs guide you through the process of making the right career choices. From choosing the right career to making sure you have the right skillset and training and helping you market yourself to prospective employers.

At Careerock, we provide the guidance and resources for you to achieve your goals. Learn more about what we have to offer.


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