The targeted resume is quickly replacing the generic resume. A targeted resume is written explicitly for the job position and is critical in today’s competitive landscape. Employers are looking for specific skills, experience, and abilities and don’t have the time to look at a generic resume that may not meet their requirements. In larger companies using automated resume screening software, more than 75% of resumes get rejected outright. With a targeted resume, an employer can quickly see the benefits you offer over other candidates and thus provide you the interview.

What is a Targeted Resume?

A targeted resume targets a specific job position and includes an emphasis on qualifications commonly requested for that job.

Why is a Targeted Resume Better?

A targeted resume offers important advantages over a generic resume:

  • Addresses a specific job position, making it easy to see how your qualifications are a close match to a job’s requirements.


  • Uses powerful words to persuade and a clean design to attract interest.


  • Uses keywords to promote your resume with screening software


  • Plays up your strengths and downplays any weaknesses that may undermine your bid for an interview.

How to Create a Targeted Resume

Creating your targeted resume is simple. Follow these steps:

1. Prepare your Master List.
Create a master list of your working background, including experience, competencies, skills and education. Your master list is your working model. You will use this to input your skill levels and experience into the job profile for the position you are seeking.

2. Complete the Job Profile.
 The Job Profile for the position details the specific Tasks, Skills, Equipment Used, Related Job Knowledge, and Work Activities. Input your skill levels and experience from your Master List to see how well your work history matches the most critical job requirements.

3. Create a Targeted Resume.

Fill in the resume template using your Job Profile. Make sure to enter the most critical job requirements. Add secondary job requirements, skills, and experience that put you in the most favorable light. 

 Modifying and Editing Your Targeted Resume

You can easily modify and edit your resume with the Microsoft Word (or Google Doc) file provided.

If you are responding to a specific advertised job, include requirements and secondary items that the ad lists. Don’t confuse the job duties and the stated requirements.

Done For You Resume Option

If you choose the “Done for You” resume option, we will create your resume for you, based on the Job Position Profile. Up to two revisions are included. You will receive a completed editable Word doc you can further modify if needed.

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